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Friday, 23 November 2012

at the kitchen sink

whilst doing the dishes tonight i found myself humming. do you ever do that? sometimes i have no idea what i am humming. that happened tonight. i realised i was humming this but actually what i was thinking of was this. i went to my lounge and pulled out the greatest hits of paul mccartney and wings, played the cd and sang along.  i carried on washing up and left the cd running. almost an hour later this track played. 

i realised as i was watching that i expected it to be this video. not sure how i got them mixed up in my head but i know that both tracks were on the pipes of peace record. it took me back to our old school friend jane (a different jane to the one who writes here) how i introduced that record to her family and how i was told that every time they heard it it made them think of me. i love how you can forget something but hearing a song suddenly brings it all back; drinks parties at christmas, early morning cups of tea, a younger sister much more keen to get to school than we ever were, a younger brother who made us all laugh and dinner invites at any time of the year. happy, cherished memories.



  1. Call me a pedant (pedant!), but 'Tug of War' came from the album of the same name. 'Pipes of Peace' did have a track called 'Tug of Peace' though. I used to listen to both a lot back in the day too.


    1. Harv, I stand corrected obviously I was more confused than I realised when I wrote the post, thanks for keeping me right. Glad to know you are still following along with us. Emma