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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


this morning i have been gifted an unexpected hour of time. my car has issues and as i wait for a man to come and fix it i came back into my house, immediately going to all the chores i have to do. 

it's the second time this week something i rely on isn't up to speed. last night i arrived home to no internet. my provider was doing upgrade works that left us without connection for four hours. it made me realise how much i take connectivity for granted. before last night i would have told you i could live without always being on-line but now with all the different things i do on-line, not least this space here, i think i would struggle with having no access to the world wide web.

as i sat down to dinner it was sobering to realise my reliance on something that is an inanimate object. i soon realised what i missed was my connection with people. i don't always go to news pages and pour over what is up and coming to keep myself ahead of the game but i do connect with people. it might be mailing friends or checking facebook, it might be uploading to flickr and looking at contacts uploads, it might be writing in this space or reading and commenting on others spaces. whatever it may be it is about connection, connection outside of yourself. 

last night i went old school, i wrote the letters that are long overdue. funny how a break in modern connections forced me to think of the old ways. i need to remember to do that more often.


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