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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


tonight i sit in a fog of exhaustion. sitting in a house strewn with bags containing items that need to find their place. eating a dinner of leftovers and drinking the last glass of wine. feeling tired but thankful. knowing this time is my time.  

the working week will be there tomorrow but tonight i remember; low lying november sun melting the first frosts. time spent with friends to recharge our batteries. the sound of the waves breaking against the shore. turning the corner to enter an enchanted world, well in my imagination at least. fog rolling up and down hills on an almost minute by minute basis revealing and hiding its beauty. a reunion of family. modern technology allowing far flung members to connect and feel part of it. modern technology failing just enough to make us feel cut off. generations connecting, healing. late nights. early mornings. together; be it two or thirty two. 

in the last three weeks i have snapped over a thousand images, i'm behind in looking let alone editing. but for now here's a photo of what triggered my imagination. jane and i spent a weekend away together. i uploaded this photo to the flicker pool for habit and again it was selected. 

tonight i am procrastinating. i'm okay with that.


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