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Thursday, 15 November 2012


The last few weeks every road around where I live seems to have been dug up for gas works, signal repairs or emergency work, meaning that going anywhere in the car is quite unappealing due to the traffic congestion that is building everywhere.
I have a mini, and love my mini for many reasons, but going to work it has suddenly meant sitting in traffic jams. My 15 minute journey to work has turned into 45, and stress and frustration have built. So I've dusted off the cobwebs.

Meet my new mode of transport.

Every morning I now get on my bike and cycle to work. Now this is from a girl who doesn't really like exercise, but needs must. The challenge is what to wear to cycle in, that can easily turn into the professional woman look. So, pumps on with smart trousers away I go, with rucksack to hand with high heels safely stowed.

Going on my bike has brought in unexpected benefits. The wind in your face as you cycle down hill makes you feel alive. The challenge of getting up the hill quicker each day provides incentive, and the fresh air clears the head at the start and end of each day.

But it has also made me appreciate even more the beauty of where I work. This is my route into the office.

I work just the other side of the lake, only on my bike can I get so close.

Yesterday whilst sitting at my desk I saw a fox go past on the path near my window. My work like everybody's can be very stressful, but nature surrounding me brings perspective. Travelling on two wheels rather than four has brought freedom.



  1. Go, go Jane. Your cycle to work looks beautiful and the view through the window.I so get it when you say that the wind in your face when going downhill makes you feel alive, its an awesome feeling. Love it.


  2. Thank you great to get your comment and yes it makes you feel so alive! Xx