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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

best laid plans

ever noticed how things happen? sometimes you have a plan, an idea or a design in mind other times you don't and it just happens. these last few days i have been noticing a theme in my garden that had no theme, at least not one that i put together. 

this year i bought french lavender plants. as the cold snap (or maybe me) managed to kill off my last ones i thought i would try again this year. those plants were the only ones i bought that were not just lavender by name but lavender by nature. but that is not the only thing that is lavender. my chives have flowered as they do every year to become beautiful lavender headed stems.

i bought thyme for the first time this year, that too has sprouted tiny lavender flowers. 

but i have also noticed how self seeded everything is. lavender flowers that to me have no name are all over my front and back garden. 

and these self seeded plants are not only everywhere but are thriving in the shallowest of soil, in fact in many cases no soil at all. 

in my front garden wall  

finding life through my deck and house brickwork

or through my neighbours wall

and the funny thing about it. lavender i have planted in the same way in the same soil, well one is thriving the other is perhaps not so happy.

obviously sometimes all that is needed is a determination to grow towards the light.


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