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Monday, 10 June 2013

practice makes perfect

ever noticed how warm weather makes you slow down? we all know this of course. the last couple of weeks the sun has shined. the lack of rainfall has enabled me to do my garden, paint my external woodwork and replant my herb and vegetable pots. but what started out as slowing down to take advantage of the sunshine has continued. i have deliberately not planned so much, have not written so many items on the to-do list, have not rushed from one thing to the next after work. i have sat still. i have read. i have gone to bed early. the only day i have managed to do all three together has been on a sunday when i actively try to stop and chill out but most days i have tried to do one at least for a little while longer than usual. 

i've noticed a few things too. this year i have bought flowers for my deck rather than the usual architectural plants i opt for - those plants are still there but i've added a softer more colourful aspect. i'm not very good at remembering to water indoor plants and external ones can quickly be on the same treadmill if i leave it unchecked but i am constantly amazed by the reviving power of water. a flower that was wilted within an hour can be flushing with the first signs of youth if given enough to drink deeply from in order to rejuvenate. and so too am i. outside in the sunshine, a seat beckoning me to relax the day away, birds singing, a breeze blowing, french doors flung open, music playing, a magazine flicked through, a glass of wine savoured. it doesn't take much but what it does take is a little bit of down time. these summer months it is a routine i will happily practice. and so far i am like the flower revived. the simple pleasures can sometimes be the sweetest.


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