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Friday, 28 June 2013

top three things i've learnt in june

this month i'm joining in at emily's place writing about the things i learnt in june. honestly? i nearly didn't write this as june was so busy but here are my top three:

1. manchester is not the wettest place to live in the uk seathwaite in cumbria is. an easy mistake to make. the above photo is of today, it's june people, june what is going on? i realised this month i thought manchester was the wettest place to live due to a television documentary i watched in my youth. granada tv was developed by sidney bernstein who chose the region due to the higher than average rainfall. he reasoned people would be indoors more and therefore more likely to watch his new station, i like his thinking. i realised i thought this referred to manchester itself not the area as a whole as granada tv originally broadcast from studios in manchester. childhood assumptions blown out of the water. i was only 132 miles out.

2. introvert does not mean introverted. on the myers briggs personality test i come up as an introvert. i have always thought this was a mistake. in fact i've done the test twice to try and prove myself right, reasoning i had changed and grown so surely it should be different this time. no, still the same. but this month i learnt that being an introvert on this scale means getting your energy from solitude so that you can go and be with people rather than the extrovert view of gaining energy by being with people. once i found that out well, it makes perfect sense. the irony? i couldn't remember what the other bits of the personality type i am so today i went back to do the test for a third time. i came up 1% extrovert. 

3. candy crush is seriously addictive. after travelling by train to and from london with my nieces this month i have been introduced to the weird and wonderful world of the sweet making game. it reminds me a little of tetris but much more colourful. try it, i dare you. makes waiting for a dental appointments much more fun. and if you need help to get through the levels just go back to your 8 year old niece, she will happily give you tips, just don't get annoyed if she completes a level (or two) for you.

so, what did you learn in june?


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