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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fresh air

Back at work after a week off stress levels rise. This time last week I was walking along a beach in the rain, but it didn't matter. The sea breeze was exhilarating, the views inspiring. The deck chairs were soggy, but the sand between the toes felt good, freedom was all.
Now back in the office the sun is shining and the irony is not lost. Finally switching off my laptop at 6.30pm before starting on tea I wonder how I will maintain my energy and stress levels back in the daily routine.
After tea as I start washing up the garden beckons, the long evenings of June enticing me outside.

Before I know it a game of badminton ensues, laughter, fun, and relaxation. Work is forgotten, my head clears. My body unwinds, and the enjoyment of summer sun leaves everything in its wake.

I love the way that a switch can happen when you go with the flow, and park the to do list.


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