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Monday, 16 September 2013

a wet play date

sunday was grey, wet and windy - exactly the kind of day you want to stay indoors and keep warm. but sunday is my day to do something different from the rest of the week so getting away from the nag of jobs to be done i went to see an exhibition i had meaning to go to all summer. harry goodwin was the stills photographer for the legendary bbc tv music show top of the pops during the 60s and 70s - he got paid £30 a week to photograph the likes of the beatles and the rolling stones. his photographs are now in some cases all that remain of the history of the show as film recordings have been destroyed or recorded over. it was a good way to play on a sunday afternoon. 


the full cast list of who appears above: john lennon, ike and tina turner, barry gibb (no didn't get him without his beard either), shirley bassey and the ronnettes. 

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