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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

another monday

it was monday, a day like any other monday. except this was the first monday of september. september - a month when thoughts turn to autumn, cooler days, waning daylight, when you wonder how much time you have before the chill directs you to thick tights and warm layers. it was a working monday - the usual whirling derbish of paperwork across a desk of brown veneer. a phone call necessitates a journey to collect something that is urgently needed, leaving my office in a none to gracious, harried manner i travel to my destination. a queue holts my progress and my mind wanders. the mental to-do list is written not just for work but for home - the sense of urgency to make progress increases alongside annoyance at being kept waiting. finally clutching the reward of my perceived wasted time i travel back to my starting point. i am flying now - the familar roads clear of learner drivers, buses and lorries that could hinder my progress. coming over the bridge and rounding the bend of the tree lined road, i see it. a flash of yellow. surely it can't be? a glance in my rear view mirror confirms. a flower, large in stature and absolutely no business to be growing where it is. i smile. ease my foot off the accelerator. the car might still be going but my minds eye is stopped in its tracks.  i remember - every day is a gift, you don't need to be in the right place to shine, take your time and enjoy it, stand tall and embrace the gift of each new day given. enjoy the yellow sunshine.


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