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Thursday, 19 September 2013

thankful thursday

truth be told these last few days i've struggled. the fog of illness - the kind that wears you down without actually knocking you out - making the everyday things feel like major chores. presently i feel as if i could sleep for britain and still wake up exhausted - you know that feeling too i'm certain. the weather hasn't helped either - so far this week i've lost count of the times i am in one place and my umbrella in another. none of this has helped me feel thankful. but you know what? this week i am thankful for hope. hope tells me that one day soon going to bed early every night will pay off and i will feel better. hope tells me that soon i won't get caught in the rain each time i step outside. hope tells me that the weather forecasters might be right and this weekend might be the indian summer they are predicting. maybe then i will be able to let go of summer and embrace the start of the autumn show. 


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