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Friday, 6 September 2013

Taking advantage

So, whilst I didn't return from holiday with a list of resolutions (believe me I've done plenty of those in the past inspired by sunsets and wine) I have come back feeling refreshed and with the clarity of thought that only comes when you've had some space.

So I thought I'd share with you my list of little things I've done differently this week 

1. Before going away I have a confession to make. I was addicted to flicking on my Facebook newsfeed. Now whilst I knew this, I didn't do anything about it. Time away with no easy access to wifi meant cold turkey, and no flicking. In the gap I realised that it was actually good not to know every update the second it happened, and actually made things less frantic. I've come home and am not flicking. Release.

2. Second confession (and sorry this is a bit personal) after weeks of wearing flip flops my feet look and feel like I'm 92. The cracks and crevices are actually making walking painful. I never really pay attention to my feet and now you can tell. This week I went and bought some magic cream and have cleaned my feet every night. My husband was so shocked he reeled when he saw me and thought something was wrong. Need I say more?

3. Back from holiday and out of work the emails come in with additional demands on my time. One email arrived this morning, and my natural reaction is to respond immediately and squeeze in doing something else between two other things I'm already doing. Then I stopped and remembered I'm trying not to do as much. Rather than replying instantly I've paused, and though I will make time I didn't add it in today where I was already doing enough. My usual reaction is to respond to everything immediately till I'm exhausted. Today I didn't and it felt good.

4.I haven't picked up all the clothes, empty dishes, and bits of paper that everyone leaves everywhere. Instead I've got those members of my lovely family that have dropped everywhere to pick it up. This has included showing my 15 year old that he does have a towel rail in his bathroom rather than a bedroom floor.

5.I said I'd go to bed by 10pm every night so I got enough rest. Ok then I was only two hours late most nights with a midnight average, but you can't do everything.

6. I've enjoyed having space to write on here again-at heart I'm a creative soul.

So what have you noticed that's different after the summer? Were are you feeling the benefits that rest brings? I'm making the most of it whilst it lasts. And I haven't yet told you the best bit.......this week I've signed up to having piano lessons. And I'm excited.


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  1. Oh yay to piano lessons. Love that. Sounds like you've had a good time getting refreshed Jane, so glad. May the peace you feel with a clean slate remain with you as you enter back into routine. Lots of love to you.