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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Good times

Tonight we had all the children from the really poor orphanage over. We took them swimming, and then they came back for tea. Today was about making children happy. We had borrowed costumes for them, and when the children all arrived they dived in to choose one they liked. We took the girls to the changing rooms and they were all shy about wearing costumes, and came out with their costumes over their tshirts and leggings. When we had explained (with no English) how to wear a costume they all ran into the pool and were so excited.
Afterwards they came back for tea and we showed them how to make sandwiches. They put jam, ham, tuna, cheese and salad all on one sandwich! The best was when we gave them ice creams, some children came back for at least three more!
Today was about seeing how homes can be opened to the poor, how simple things of swimming and tea can mean so much.
The hardest part was saying goodbye, as we probably won't see them again before we go home. I will miss their smiles.


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