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Monday, 11 July 2011

Mountain villages

Well in the last two days I have done things I would never have thought I would do. We went to a mountain village yesterday morning to help lead a church service. It was a very poor village, the houses are on stilts and the people have nothing. It was a small church, but thru all wanted to be there. Afterwards we had lunch with the whole village. The toilet was in a bamboo hut, with a soil floor.
In the afternoon we went to another mountain village, and Jill sent up an impromptu medical clinic. Loads of villagers came who would normally never see a doctor. We handed out medicine and prayed for the people. There was a very ill baby who may not survive. In the evening we did another service, and slept in the houses of the mountan villagers. They have no toilets apart from those at the church, to wash you had to use a bucket from water in the hole in a ground. The houses have no beds, nothing we would expect. But they are still so generous, they gave Ellie a pillow when she had none, one of their children did without. All the kids are dirty, have holes in their clothes and beautiful smiles. I have never felt so dirty or humble.
Today was hard as we were tired, but did go elephant riding! The contrast is surreal.


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