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Sunday, 3 July 2011


Well... in 4 days time (not counting the rest of to-day) I'm off to Thailand, to join up with 10 other people who went on Friday.
To-day has been about waiting....after all the build up to everyone going it has felt very strange to think that the rest of the group are already in Thailand.
These few days are also about preparation...doing all those lists of things like canceling the papers, paying the milk bill, and getting suncream. However, it feels like the gap between...a waiting time.....and with that comes unease and a not being sure how to spend your time. The sense of delayed expectancy, of saying goodbye to friends you won't see for a while, knowing there will be new stories to tell when you next meet.
So, will post again before I go, but for now am going to go and do another thing on my list....and then I will deserve that glass of wine:)


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