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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday afternoon

It's been a bit of a mixed weekend, one of those weekends where lots of jobs get done that you never have time for in the week. This includes clearing out old clothes and taking bags to the Charity shop, attacking the growing pile of paperwork and moving the old, empty wine bottles. All stuff that is productive, and noble, but not particularly inspiring.
This afternoon I had a spare hour, so sat down to tackle another of those outstanding jobs, writing cards to people you need to catch up with, and would appreciate a card through their door.
I put some music on (Ed Sherian is perfect for this task) and sat down to write. It is a long time since I have written letters, and I had forgotten how long it takes. In yet there was something strangely satisfying about selecting a suitable card, and putting pen to paper. As well as a tick off the list, it was knowing that it would bring a smile to the person who would receive the envelope through their door, of doing something nice for someone.
So here is my challenge, (inspired by the lady who has made a cake every day for the last 9 months and given it to someone to make their day) (how does she do that?) anyway I divert....maybe we should all start seeing if we can send a card to someone each week, and bringing something good into their day, a glimmer amongst the weekly junk mail and bills that land on our doorstep.  Are you up for the task? All cards gratefully received......(and the postman will be happy too:))


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