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Monday, 30 January 2012

Weekend Snapshot

Well, didn't manage to get to the PC all weekend due to a combination of tiredness from the week; and you need to form a queue to get near the pc in our house, and somehow I didn't get to first place....so on a Monday here is what we got up to at the weekend......

Hats......there is nothing quite like dressing up in hats with your best friend....trying on too much make up and then tottering around in heels....a perfect start to the weekend. As I type this though I wonder at what age do you stop being girly and messing around with outfits? I reckon next time we visit Em we should do a hunt through each others wardrobe and see what we can find....:)
Then I thought I would share with you the addiction that is currently in our house. It goes like this:

For those of you who don't know this is the art of cup stacking. It's all about the time...the critical count on the stop watch starts it off...then you get the cups, stack them up, and then stack them down. The sound of the cups on the granite permanently resonates round our house, as I am typing this now I can hear the cups clattering together again . Its an addiction against the clock, of doing something so simple but so frustrating.
I think I may shortly dream the noise in my sleep, but its better than hours of Xbox, and the current record is 12.3 seconds- only got to lose 8 seconds to be near the world record....
So a weekend of hats and cups was had; with a small adventure of finding a live mouse in the rabbit food, but I'll save that one for another day, except to say no one wants to feed the rabbit:)


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