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Monday, 23 January 2012


anyone who knows me, anyone who ever sets foot in my house or stays in my spare room will always end up having a conversation with me about vogue magazine. why? well i've never thrown out a copy i have bought. ever. since 1989. the book shelves in my spare room groan under the weight. my living room is currently home to a stack that is taller than my 20 month old nephew. and he's tall for his age. 

this week i was given a belated christmas present. it's perfect for me.

a calender from vogue. the photos are black and white. i love it.  
it now sits on the shelf in my lounge. 

i will have new pictures every week. why? 

it's a tear off calender.

and the best part?

they are postcards. 

so watch out friends. snail mail is about to get interesting. the first one will have to go to clark and jamie to say a huge thank you. little did jane know but i am armed and up for the challenge she set down. cards or postcards, care to join in?


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