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Saturday, 21 January 2012


today i woke early. very early. thankfully it is the weekend. i lulled myself back to sleep. safe in the knowledge that no alarm needed to be set. ultimately i got up very late. today i have been running to catch up. something as simple as sleeping late got me thinking about time. time is short. but can feel long. time. it's easy to waste it. take it for granted. imagine you have lots of it. but do we? if we knew, would we live life differently? 

on new years eve i was with friends at a house party. we had jools hollands hootenanny on to bring in midnight. one of the artists performing was cyndi lauper. she looked fantastic. (work has been done). she performed her hit girls just want to have fun. i was reminded as i listened that i didn't buy that single but i did buy time after time which is my favourite track of hers. i found it on youtube. i don't remember this video at all. do you?


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