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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Well this is officially my first post of 2012....I should be writing of hope for 2012, but this is the second week of January, and realism is biting.  This week is the first full week of life after the Christmas break, and wow is it a shock to the system.
For a start it is pitch black when the alarm goes off. No one should have to get up when it is dark, I am sure there should be some way in which working hours should start later in the winter.
Then once out of bed it is back into the chaotic routine of mornings, getting people up, endless rounds of toast and Nutella, and then the whirlwind out of the door to get to school and work on time. This morning in the chaos I managed to drive to work before realising I'd forgotten my laptop...so much for me being in control.
Finally at work after getting my laptop- and back to endless meetings, no space and difficult decisions. My feet have also forgotten after three weeks absence of what it is like to wear heels, so are protesting endlessly at being in an enforced space.
Evenings seem to be disappearing in a flash of tea, homework, activities and washing, then collapsing in bed before the alarm goes off.
Yet within the whirlwind, there are moments that make the day. To-day Ellie called me whilst she was getting dressed 'Mum come and look at this' ..I went to her room and she pointed out of the window....and there was the most gorgeous patterns and colours in the sky.

So tomorrow when the alarm goes off I know I will still want to hibernate...but the sunrise will come and take my breath away....and provide the moment to look up and give perspective on the day.


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