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Saturday, 10 March 2012

free friday

last week i travelled south. jane and i had a date. a date with a free day. no plans. no children. no husband. we couldn't remember the last time that happened. life happens. sometimes it is good to remember to slow down. spend time. relax. last friday we did just that.  we chose a location and went with the flow.

a spot of retail therapy.

a bite of lunch.

a walk by the river.

a stop on a bench. with an inscription that we loved.

a sugar hit.

a chance to take time.  "this is the me i never get time for" said jane.

home time. time to find places for new purchases.

the routine is back. dinner is made. sharing wine whilst doing so.

kids happy. friends round for tea. evening activities attended.

never would we be without these kids (my god kids). nor husband (my friend).  but. time and space away. only for a few hours. brings with it a thankfulness. thankfulness for what you have. what you share. what you give. and what comes back to you.


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