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Monday, 12 March 2012

magical musical indulgence

last friday evening i was at home alone. last week was both hard and joyful. by friday the combination of the two had got me. i was glad of the peace and time to relax. there are different ways i relax. stealing an hour to read a magazine uninterrupted. listening to music, newly found or old favourites. going out with friends. watching a film. cooking dinner. last friday i switched on the tv hoping there would be something that would be "chewing gum for the eyes" (my version of easy listening). what i found was not chewing gum. what i found was touching, poignant and moving. what i found was still bill: the bill withers story. now i am a music fan. bill withers is a name i know. in honesty i know the hit records. i didn't know anything of the man. i didn't know he came late to music. i didn't know before he made music he made toilets for aircrafts. i didn't know he is now seventy. i didn't know he met his wife at a gil scot-heron gig and retired pretty much as he had a family as it was important to him to be around when they were growing up. nor did i know this man's perspective on life. he speaks about when you are not conditioned to be a certain way you can see life and have insight that conditioned people do not see; "if nobody throws their rules at you, you might have a chance to make a hit record". he speaks like a song-writer. i urge you to find a spare ninety minutes, click through the above link and treat yourself to a little magical musical indulgence. for those of you who only have two minutes; click on the video below and enjoy.


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