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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Out of the Ordinary

As you may have picked up from some of my posts I spend alot of my days dashing from thing to thing, with little chance in my day to stop. Time or lack of it is something I continually struggle with, and strive to have more of. At the start of this week work was crazy, everyone seeming to want a piece of me, and my brain flitting between to do lists and making an appropriate response.
Today the world turned upside down and I started jury service. Suddenly there was time. I sat in a waiting room, with no option to leave for 3.5 hours. No one came and demanded of my time. I had no work emails that I could answer. Instead there was acres of space. This afternoon there was more. I'm not great with space, and the contrast to earlier in the week was huge. Today was an out of the ordinary day, of learning how to accept space, of waiting.
In yet, both yesterday and today I have had unexpected conversations, where people have landed unexpectedly in my day, and the conversation has quickly got to a deeper level. These are the moments that life should be about, the connection with others, the point where you can be there for someone in their moment of need. I am struck again how these conversations take you by surprise, how they arrive when you don't expect it. I like that. It takes away from the routine.
So, on my out of the ordinary day, I am less tired, but most of all thankful for those connections that can occur no matter how you spend your day.


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