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Monday, 19 March 2012


reading janes post about mothers day brought tears to my eyes. i remember barbara well. jane and i have been friends since school. growing up in the 80's amongst other strikes we remember the teachers strike. during that time we were not allowed to stay on school premises at lunch time. jane lived near our school. each lunch time for what seemed like months (although i cannot remember actually how long) we went to janes house to have lunch. each day barbara would appear with drinks and offer us whatever she had baked that week (flapjack and parkin were the favourites) to accompany the packed lunches we brought with us.  after janes dad died i became the friend who jane would call and ask to pop in and check on her mum if she was worried about her.  that was the time i got to know barbara well. up until that point we hadn't got past the polite conversation you have with a good friends mum. the more i popped in to check and report back the more we built up a rapport that resulted in me being just as cheeky to her as i am with my own mum. the laughter came easy. when she became ill i was happy that i could be someone to visit her in reading who reminded her of her beloved north west roots. i know how much jane misses her. i know too what a fantastic mother jane is. she exhibits touches of her mum; she bakes, she walks, she loves nature. whilst remaining her own independent soul. moulding and challenging the young lives she has care over into the man and woman they will be become. i know barbara would be proud. i have no doubt. 

as i read the post i realise that i take my own mum for granted. i am guilty of thinking she will be around forever. when the truth is we do not know what is around the corner for anyone. janes post made me realise that i need to embrace some time with my mum. for that prod i will be eternally grateful. we did celebrate with her yesterday. my sister, her family and myself. mum is now grandma. as such is shared around further. to her children she is known as magic madge. to her grandchildren grandma magic. really she is just mum. and i love her. 


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