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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Head Space

Today has been one of those stupid busy days. Meetings all day at work with the height of luxury being time for a cuppa soup at lunch, dashing giving lifts everywhere as part of the mum taxi service early evening, then a lovely friend round in the evening with a birthday cake made in between.
I'm lying in bed typing this, and every bone in my body aches with the tiredness of the day. In yet, today was a success. At work my head worked, I remained calm, and situations that could have worn me down didn't. We made a cake even though an extra emergency shopping trip was required for icing sugar. Homework on homophones (didn't even know what they where till this evening, I'll leave you to go google that one:))was completed without tears. Washing is folded, the kitchen tidy.
And I am reminded yet again that my ability to deal with a day and remain in one piece is not to do with how busy you fill it, but rather on your headspace, your inner you enabling you to walk tall. Today, was a good day.


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