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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Life is too busy. That's a fact. To-day has been stupid busy, lunch consisted of a Twix and a coffee at 2pm as that's all I had time to get, the work pc has just been closed down.
But within that there have been little moments that have made the day. This afternoon I popped to the shops, and there in the charity shop window where these:

Em; that is for you, you would have loved them. This last weekend as you know Em came down to visit. We drank wine, shopped, cooked, gossiped and drank more wine. It was lovely, spending time with Em is like spending time with family, she knows the back story and understands. The magazines reminded me of my friend.

Tonight to help me through the drudge of washing up I switched on Radio 2. Now, I pride myself on being a Radio 1 girl (Radio 2 is for people far older than me:)), but weekday evenings Jo Whiley is on, and I love her. She brightens up the evening and always plays great music. Tonight as I switched on Newton Faulkner was playing.
Immediately, I was transported from the stress of the day to a different place. I love the way music can do that for you, to take you in an instant out of your reality to somewhere else. I was in a world of my dreams, of both angst and hope tumbled into one.
Here's the song:

So, at the end of a long day, peace. Peace in those moments that catch you by surprise.Tomorrow is a new day. I intend to have more than a Twix for lunch.


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