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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

life's what you make it

illness has been rife for the last couple of weeks. family and friends have been laid low. big style. these past few days it has been my turn to give in to the germs that abound. as i finished my working day it struck me how easy it is to give in to negativity. positivity will always reward you. positivity will keep you warm when negativity sails you down the river.

i have these (and lots of them) in my lawn.

but i also have beautiful bluebells in the border that my lovely neighbour likes to describe as my "wild flower garden".

i've been cooped up in my office all day while the sun shines. but. i'm blessed with evening sun right outside my back door. i throw open the doors. put some music on. sing. loudly. (try not to drown out the birds song).

oh and i caught the wine just before it froze in the freezer.  

so what if i haven't made it to the shops to buy this years sundress. last years will do. i haven't had time to go for the much needed pedicure either. tonight i will sit on my deck and do it myself. in the sunshine. and. i might not yet be comfortable with the darker shade of blonde i am sporting. but. in the sunshine i can see it is not as dark as i think it is. 

life. it's what you make it. it's way to short to give in to negativity. when all else fails. do what i did. whilst listening to the radio, take a five year old by the hand and spin her round (like a lunatic) to this oldie. five year olds have never heard this song before and the idea of living on the ceiling was more than she could bear. laughter. that's the best medicine. 



  1. I love what you guys do. I know I count as a bit biased but nevertheless top work! Truely what days are for!

    1. biased on not, it is lovely to hear - so positive!