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Monday, 14 May 2012

Pick up

Well.....I promised you a story on Saturday, so here we go.

Saturday was sunny, so we ambled to the school car boot sale. On arrival after an initial look round it didn't look promising. We did a second tour of the stalls; and there lying on a table we spotted it.

My friend and I both looked at each other and smiled; in a second we had another bond between us as we realised we each had common memories from childhood of playing a game with sticks. We spent our 50p and brought them home.

We took them out and got ready to play:

There was much mocking as to how this game could be exciting- you just wait we said.....

Addiction till midnight ensued.....

And at the end of the evening they were left arranged.....

For 50p new shared memories created of the fun and frustration that can be had with sticks......A perfect pick up for the weekend, if you have never tried it I dare you.....


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