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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

amy winehouse

it's been a year since amy winehouse died aged twenty seven. last night i was flicking through the tv and stumbled upon an arena documentary. it was filmed in dingle, ireland and shows a twentytwo year old amy performing with just a guitar and base for company. she is outstanding. no stumbling, mumbling lyrics here. they also interview her. she waxes lyrical about the singers she learnt to sing from. she talks of mahalia jackson, sarah vaughan, carleen anderson, all these women i too grew up listening to. she speaks of listening to her brothers records through her bedroom wall, something my brother and i did as a teenagers, she brought back many happy memories. we too lost a family member when he was aged only twentyseven. there will always be a sense of taken too young. our family too exhibited symptoms that amy's dad mitch spoke of in the press yesterday. this documentary shows amy just before she hit the dizzying peaks she achieved in her young life, to me it is a fitting tribute. take a look at your leisure.


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