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Friday, 13 July 2012


By Thursday it was fair to say I was a bit fed up. The continual balancing act between work, home and keeping everything going was leaving me feeling rather stretched.
On Monday night there was the minor issue of realising I should have by now booked transport to get to the Olympics (everyone else seems to have done), Tuesday I'd forgotten to pay a bill, Thursday a mad panic to get a shoe box for science day for school, and I won't even start on work.

Arriving home at the end of the day was an unexpected card from a friend.......

It's a David Hockney- on the back it links to the exhibition 'A Bigger Picture'. It struck a chord, and made me think of what the bigger picture is compared to the stuff that wears me down.

Tonight, was a scout BBQ by the river. I didn't want to go. It was raining. But when we arrived I received another gift:

Hope, promise and a much bigger picture.


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