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Sunday, 29 July 2012

weekend surprises

this week has been a full one. work filled but also time for friends, dinner dates and long phone conversations. friday evening was spent watching the olympic opening ceremony. a ceremony that swelled my chest with pride in my country. if you would like to relive it in full i urge you to go here and watch again. if you want just a taster go here. this weekend has been mainly about helping a friend visualize what she needs for the new home she has moved into. i've enjoyed the interiors journey. this afternoon brought a knock on my door. once opened in front of me was a friend who lives in berlin, germany. i didn't even know she was in the country. she came in with her husband and their girls and had lunch. in two weeks time the family move to addis ababa, ethiopia. i am uncertain when i will see them all again. it was a wonderful surprise.   

within all of that i have had time to notice changes. my neighbours passion fruit plant blossoming on her front fence, tomato fruits ripening finally now that sunshine has arrived; providing the kiss of life, calming colours in my favourite interiors shop, sunshine; peaking out behind stormy clouded skies or casting shadows in the early evenings. 

it's been a good week.


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