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Sunday, 15 July 2012

catching up

i would love to say summer has arrived. it hasn't. what did arrive was two days together without rain. i know this shouldn't be something that you ever class as being noteworthy. but. as this has been the wettest summer since records began it feels like something to be celebrated. the fact it has occurred at a weekend even more so. 

this weekend has been a weekend of catching up. every day last week before heading to work i had to iron something to wear. each evening the fridge has been bare. exhaustion has ruled the roost. a couple of early nights were had but each morning the snooze button was pressed. the plan for this weekend was to get a head start on the week but not at the expense of recharging my batteries.

the weekend started on friday with a spot of retail therapy. saturday brought a lie in before meeting a friend for lunch to belatedly celebrate a birthday.

sunday. today was the day to get ahead. i have been away for the last two weekends. no jobs have been done in the house during that time, obviously. the run of the mill jobs had been neglected. i eased myself in gently starting the day with tea and listening to a new musical purchase. 

next came the jobs in earnest. the washing machine had been running friday and all day saturday. the ironing was backed up and bedding needed to be washed. while the machine was running this morning i tackled a pile of papers that had been sat in my kitchen for months. my rule of thumb is when i can't hear the radio for the amount of papers in front of it, that is when they need to be cleared. i've not been able to hear the radio for weeks now. not anymore. papers cleared; recycled or filed. corner cleaned, workspace reclaimed.

washing finished, ironing was tackled. almost everything ironed and put away. 

bedding dry and bed remade. one of my favourite things is getting into a clean bed made with crisp clean sheets. i'll need no rocking tonight.

another major thing for me to tackle; my lawn. with all the rain there has been no opportunity to mow it, it has never been dry enough to attempt. after two days with very little rain i decided to try. i love the smell of freshly mowed grass that gets rained on, especially on a dry summer day. never before had i had that smell whilst mowing my lawn. i did today. 

after the hard work of the day my final point of call was my sisters. a dinner invite. jobs finished. shower had. dessert and wine purchased. time to play, chat, dance and sing. the final catch up. 

happy new week everyone.


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