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Friday, 6 July 2012


A year ago I was on my way to Thailand.

It was a trip that defined 2011, both in time taken to plan, being there and fundraising afterwards. As I have written previously I did things completely outside of my comfort zone, saw and experienced living in places I had never thought I would see, and most of all was humbled by the beautiful people I met.

So a year on what next? I would do anything to go back and visit again, and maybe one day I will. At the time it taught me to live simpler, to think more carefully about money, to think how you spend your time, what you do with your days.
Already I can see how the western culture for wanting more has quickly impinged back in my life, and how easy it is to lose your focus.  I am still seeking answers on what to do with my days, of how to make a difference.

But to-day, I want to thank God for the time I had there, the people I met, and say you taught me so much. Days are for living and being different in, and of making the most of those moments.


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