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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

late night, early morning.

last night i walked to our local off license, i realised i needed to be in a warmer coat. this morning i opened the bedroom curtains to see frost on my kitchen roof, sparkling in the early morning sunlight. i was late to bed last night but i woke early. wearily i dragged my tired bones downstairs. i was hit by a shaft of light in my hallway illuminating my christmas flowering cactus, budding, building up to dazzle in the coming months.

in the kitchen again sunlight holds my gaze. i am drawn to the beautiful tree that is at the bottom of my neighbours garden. i am in awe as it continues its autumnal display.

adding a scarf alongside my coat i leave for work. i think of jane as i observe two spiders webs spun on my gatepost glistening with dew in the morning sunlight. my car sits on the sunny side of the street. mother nature having done the defrosting for me, i turn it around, exchanging waves with a neighbour who waits for warm air to kick in and clear his fogged windows.

arriving home tonight i am greeted by the smell of a neighbours newly painted front door.

walking inside, i cast off the day. sitting cheerily in my living room; the sunflowers i bought as a treat for myself this weekend.  

settling in for the evening; the oven goes on to cook dinner, a glass of wine is poured, a reminder is set on the tv. an early night is calling but not before watching the semi finals of the great british bake off. a quiet evening after a full day. tonight sleep will come easy. i was glad tonights plans were subject to a friends raincheck.


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