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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Webs Part 2

This morning was foggy, but as I left the house the spiders had been busy again, and the effect was stunning. From far away the webs just looked like a haze of white, up close the interconnections and weaving was beautiful.

And it got me wondering- so often life can feel so messy. Conflicting demands of work, home life, kids activities, homework and church so often mean that by the time I get to the weekend it feels like a lot has been done, but nothing quite as well as you would want it. Too often there is not enough time, tiredness arrives and tempers fray. It's Saturday, and the washing baskets are overflowing, the hamster needs cleaning out and food needs to be bought, I am not organised.
In yet I can see beauty in other's lives around me; small things that are done that make a difference to other people, those connections even if only via text that make a difference in the week. Maybe too often we don't step back and see the overall pattern, the paths that are made and gain that sense of perspective. There is beauty within the haze, that is being created within our fragility.
Now on with the washing.


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