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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Long term plans

Well, after months of talking about  it since the Olympics I have finally done it, and made a long term plan. This is a plan that goes over several years, and accepts that it is not as I'd want it now.
So what you might ask have I done? Well, last year we moved house, and the house we bought was covered at the front by a 'Virginia Creeper'. For those of you not up on plants it has lots of green leaves, no flowers, but what makes it special is in the Autumn the leaves turn a beautiful shade of red.

However, there is one problem with this. The rest of the year it is just green, but also it takes on triffid style tendencies to the extent of growing tenderils over the windows, and even when cut back it will not be thwarted in it's attempt to take over every available part of wall and window space.

I love wisteria's and have always looked longingly at the houses in spring that are covered with the hanging purple flowers, and the effect of the cottage garden created. We talked to our gardener, to grow a wisteria at the front of our house will take at least 10 years, now that's a commitment to get what we want. However, providing the unexpected doesn't happen there is every chance we will still be living here in 10 years. So, the Virginia Creeper has been dug up, and a wisteria has been planted. At the moment it looks small and has a lot of wall to cover. However this is about putting down roots, leaving our piece of nature as a legacy that in 15-20 years time will hopefully look awesome in the spring.

For now I'm taking the step and going for the 10 year goal. If I can start with plants who knows what will be next, but it's a step in the right direction.


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  1. Lovely! May it grow, bloom and blossom exponentially and more quickly than it seems possible!