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Thursday, 4 October 2012

through the car window and out the back door

at this time of year i find myself staring at trees. 

tell me i'm not alone. 

low lying sun enhances the autumnal hues as leafs begin their seasonal display. drawing me in. reminding me that all too soon the weather will turn colder and winter will come calling. making me think when exactly do the clocks change? how long have i got to drink in this waning light? reminding me to make the most of it and enjoy the exhibition while it lasts.

my journey to work is not long. these last couple of days i have been stuck in traffic. time that i have had to daydream and look out the window. drinking in the sunshine. watching the autumnal show.

opening the bedroom curtains this morning, in the sunlight i saw the moon. i opened the back door and marvelled.

arriving home from work the weekly chore of pulling the wheelie bin from the kerb provided time to notice my strawberry plants are also turning. still sprouting shoots but joining in the autumn chorus. 

make the most of the show. i've googled. clocks go back on 28 october. this show has a limited run. you don't need a ticket. it runs everyday. take your seats. wherever you may be. no two days are the same. 


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