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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fresh start

So the Christmas tree decorations are down, packed away until next year. I love Christmas decorations, but it is strangely satisfying to take everything down, and see the clear open spaces again, removed from the clutter of cards, nativity scenes and candles.

One of the advantages of clearing up is it has left space to put the beautiful presents I have been given over Christmas.

So, New Year is a time for resolution and fresh starts. Someone said to me this week that the new year was like a fresh field of snow that had still to be walked on, giving us all a fresh opportunity in how we will make our mark. It's stuck with me all week, as I've thought about a large expanse of white fields, ready for me to go across. Ellie told me last night that I was a 'splatch- winkle' . I had no idea what she was talking about. For those of you who don't know it's taken from the BFG, where Roald Dahl defines a 'splatch winkling' as rushing around in a hurry. As you will know from the blog, lack of time and rushing is something I often talk about, as I find it hard to balance everything.
So, my fresh start for the new year is going to do less splatch- winkling, and making more time to clear those spaces from clutter and rushing, so I can enjoy the beauty it creates.

As we start the first full week of work, school and activities it is going to be a challenge, but I'm ready to give it a go.


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