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Sunday, 20 January 2013


today i went walking again with my friend di. before we arrived at our destination i had to stop the car. as we drove roads that twisted and turned i saw something i had never seen before. something that made me stop the car to go back. 

as i continued driving we had to stop again. this time we both got out.

as we were walking away from the car a lady coming past on the other side of the road slowed down to ask if we were alright, fearing we had broken down. we explained we had stopped to look at and take photographs of the icicles. she told us that the road had flooded and as temperatures plunged and cars drove through the water it had sprayed up onto the hedgerow and had frozen in place. it was quite a sight to behold; ice stalactites dripping from english hedgerows. a great start to our winter wonderland walk.


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