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Sunday 20 January 2013


I've been challenged through Redemptions beauty to re-think how I spend my Sunday. I long for rest, for space for time to recover and replenish both body and soul from the challenges of the week, yet I never take that time, or space, and certainly have not thought for a long time about what it means for Sunday to be a day of rest.
Last Sunday I had resolved to spend more time with family, to not do 'jobs' and to live Sunday differently. So, I did really easy food, no washing and even managed to sit down for an hour in the afternoon. However, what I did notice was how much stuff I still actually did. Online food shopping order needed updating, emails that 'had' to be replied to, posting messages on Facebook, homework that  had to be completed. It took me by surprise, I hadn't realised how much I still did on a day when we are instructed to do nothing.

Yesterday the snow hit England, and brought an unexpected halt to many normal activities.

The result of this is that two things I was supposed to be doing tomorrow have been cancelled. I've also peeled vegetables tonight so they are done for tomorrow, done my planning for youth group early, and tomorrow am not going to be visiting Facebook, and most definitely no washing will be done.

This was the view from my kitchen window yesterday:

This arch leads to the bottom of the garden, where I very rarely make time to go. At the bottom of the garden it is mainly overgrown trees, but within that there are a few hidden gems, nature that makes you stop and appreciate it's beauty. Tomorrow I'm going to go and wander to see what the snow is like at the bottom of the garden, but mentally as well I'm going to leave the busyness of the week behind with all it's stresses (did I tell you about the angst to find a camera for a school trip or an elastic band for homework? Really I must tidy) and move through the arch through to a place of rest, of observing that Sunday is different.



  1. This is lovely Jane. So excited to partake of Sabbath with you. I'm expectant. I'm longing to be back in England again, hope to visit in May. Would love to see you and Emma in real life if it worked out. Not sure how far away you are from South Kensington. The pictures are so great btw.

  2. Hi Shelly thanks so much. Emma and I would love to see you, I live quite near South Kensington. Emma is further away so we would need to plan dates. When you are ready please email either Em or I, or FB message us so we can see if we can make it work. It would be amazing to actually meet and share on the journeys we are all on.

  3. I love a good snowfall - it gives me an excuse to slow down and do nothing. {lovely to meet you here...coming from Shelly's Sabbath Sisterhood!}.

  4. Lovely to meet you too Michelle, I am finding the challenge of the Sabbath so good.