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Thursday, 10 January 2013

yesterday morning, tonight.

there is no doubt this week i am slow. slow to get back into the old routine. i work in a small team. i am the only one who has gone back to work feeling as if i didn't have enough time off. i was off for over two weeks. this either means i was in dire need of a break or i did to much with my time off. i think it was a bit of both. yesterday i was back in my groove. noticing the small things. the mild temperatures dissipated yesterday, stepping outside i noticed the spiders had been busy. it reminded me of jane and of sitting with my sister in law at her kitchen table this holiday, watching a spider spin its home on her kitchen window; effortlessly, methodically and beautifully. caught in a traffic queue on the way to work i noticed the contrast of the bare trees, against lines bringing communications to homes along my route all against a backdrop of a fog laden sky.

tonight my shoulders and neck are tight after a day working at my computer. i arrive home, kick off my shoes and light scented candles that were a present this christmas. i consider sitting down to read my newly arrived vogue. but not yet. what is it about this makeshift home desk that pulls me in? creativity? expression? deadlines? whatever it is i pour a glass of wine and sit down, down to edit photos for a friend and nurture this space again. enjoy your evening friends.


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