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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

eleven things i know but need to keep relearning

at the end of each month, i write a post about what i have learnt. coming to the end of this month i have realised - i have learnt most in the reminders.

1. love to the best of your ability. not your mothers or brothers or best friends - your own.

2. persevere, even when the road gets hard. every uphill struggle becomes a freewheeling bike ride with the wind running through your hair.

3. timing is out of your hands, learn to make peace with it.

4. be open, it's inviting to others.

5. fear is a smokescreen, you are stronger than you imagine.

6. embrace your creativity, it's your unique oxygen.

7. you control your decision making ability, look for the short and long term outcomes before determining your final conclusion.

8. be kind, it certainly never killed anyone.

9. make certain you want that dream you are working towards. someday when it comes true you will be thankful you took the time to look at all angles.

10. prayers do get answered, even when you think god might have gone deaf and has certainly grown sick of hearing the same one.

11. remember to laugh. it truly is lifes best pick me up.


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