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Saturday, 5 April 2014

saturday memories

this morning i woke to a text message received from my brother in the early hours. it said this "the wife challenged me to sum you up in three songs, how did i do?" here's what he picked.

i smiled and happy tears fell at the memories of years spent with just a bedroom wall between us listening to each others records penetrate the brickwork. it wasn't until he went to university that i realised i didn't actually own any new order records - they were all his listened to through the wall. 

music is a great memory source for me. this week i posted on facebook a song that was deemed the soundtrack of my life, suddenly friends who knew me as a teenager were commenting about their memories of me associated with the music and my fashion sense at the time. yes, i was a duranie and my fashion sense at that time would not look out of place with the current trend for all things 80's. everything comes back round again - i'm happy i have siblings and good friends who remember and share the memories.


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