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Monday, 28 April 2014

weekend visiting

this weekend i went to visit jane. we both took a rare day off and spent time together - just the two of us. i mean really, that hardly ever happens. we live almost 200 miles apart, there are family and jobs and commitments that get in the way but hey, if you can't make time for your best mate, life has got way too busy. so of course we did what two woman alone but still with a bit of stuff to get sorted do - we shopped and ate lunch. there were changing rooms run in and out of, a good dose of laughter, a great deal of talking and a waiter who knew not to rush to the desert menu. the following day there was bargain hunting, wisteria watching, rain walking and much more laughter. note to self: when your best friend says "don't put your wellies on, we won't walk through the bluebells" know that you are going to walk through the bluebells, get soaking wet whilst wearing a makeshift headscarf and love every minute of it.


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