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Thursday, 10 April 2014

thankful thursday

this past week was seemingly endless days of busy. days where all i wanted was to get off the rollercoaster spinning me up and down and round and round all whilst juggling  responsibility balls in the air trying hard not to faceplant myself as well as them. points were head in hand moments but i was convinced they wouldn't be if i could just get some more sleep. overwhelm was the name of the game as i struggled to slow down in the face of all the demands.  somewhere in the midst of it all i found my voice, spoke up and got off the merry-go-round - just for a few hours - i knew that was all i needed. saturday night was sweeter for it.  it turns out what undid me was people reaching out to me unprompted; songs being given to me that in the authors view defined me, friendship in many forms celebrating my birthday - cards, presents, deliveries, phone calls, messages, happy birthday being sung by various people individually or in groups down a receiver or as videos sent to my phone. i was shown i am loved and i'm thankful for it.


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