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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

the manford effect

today i woke to a facebook like that actually took me down the rabbit hole of something good, something really good. in my news feed a friend had liked comedian jason manfords status about stephen sutton. stephen sutton is a nineteen year old lad who is terminally ill with cancer, he started a blog about his fight and has been fund raising for teenage cancer trust. jason met stephen last month at a teenage cancer trust comedy gig. yesterday stephen posted a final thumbs up on facebook telling everyone it wasn't looking good for him. jason, a father to three girls, eloquently took to facebook to rally the troops as stephen had wanted to raise a million pounds for teenage cancer trust before he went - it was on his bucket list. a young lad terminally ill found it easier to cope with his own discomfort whilst he was helping others. without any help from jason he had got himself over half way there, raising £560k, jason pledged he would help him get to the final figure and then took to facebook and told his 674k followers to spread the word. By lunchtime today a million was reached - jason has now asked us all to double it. at the time of writing the total stands at £1,361,406.51 if you would like to help this nineteen year old surpass his dream and leave a legacy find how to donate here.


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