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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

life on the run

for the third night on the run i am home with only enough time to turn around before i head out again. this weekend was my birthday. i am still celebrating, in fact celebrations will not stop until two weeks time when jane and i head to a girls weekend where two of us will have had birthdays since the last time we were all together. the birthday greetings started early with contact from an old friend who was heading with her family deep into the african bush; without internet or phone connection she wanted to be sure i knew she would be thinking of me. her email was the first of many messages, texts, phone calls, cards and presents received. not to mention singing of happy birthday in various guises along with handmade greeting cards from my nieces and nephews, each of them raising a smile. how my almost three year old nephew managed to part with as many fireman sam stickers as he did i will never know. my house resembles a florist and i am mildly concerned about how many house plants i now have to keep alive. i am grateful for friends and family who have been generous with their presents and their time; suggesting afternoons and nights out all in the name of celebration. i am touched. the day was filled with sunshine and it continues to be, as long as i keep ignoring the washing and ironing pile. 


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