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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

morning wonder

electronic beeping signals me awake after a fitful nights sleep, the wind rustles through the open window billowing lightweight curtains gently in its wake. from the grey stemmed cotton cocooning my body my sleep laden eyes try to focus; first on the electronic bringing the outside in and secondly on daily devotions. my arm released from this comfort extends to stem the passage of time again, wishing i was still dreaming i turn over to ponder anew. upright now under waterfall washing nights remnants away i'm thinking still of words just read and preparing to face the day. clothed as if in mourning i apply heat to newly cropped layers, gazing from reflection to window my eyes see, i gasp and then run. in front of me; a promise reminder. as quickly as it arrived, it left. in its wake; myself smiling sweetly. faiths visual kick start to the day.


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