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Friday, 5 April 2013


yesterday i was awoken from sleep by a bird beautifully singing solo outside my bedroom window, a little while later coming round from my slumber, i realised i had forgotten to set my alarm. putting the radio on whilst eating breakfast i heard the mellow vocal of curtis mayfield on move on up his high notes echoing my feathered alarm call. moving into my working day, i manage to escape to grab a sandwich, briefly basking in warm sunshine whilst wrapped up against the biting wind. a spontaneous decision to run an errand after work results in being stuck in motorway traffic on the return journey. i watch as the sun sets through dark storm clouds producing dazzling shafts of light, ultimately turning into a shepherds delight. stationary traffic allows me to answer a phone call, an impromptu dinner invite is extended and accepted. after sharing food, wine, laughter and warm conversation i arrive home to find a parcel behind my front door, thoughtfulness prior to a weekend occassion. 

this morning i was awoken with a start by my alarm clock. i reflected on how i had woken the day before. i had noticed the bird and the sky but thinking through my day i realised i was given gifts. there was no rush to work as i had woken in time, if not earlier, than my usual rolecall. there was less stress in a traffic jam as i watched nature do its everyday job, a view only seen at that time due to the weekends clock change. there was no need to check the cupboard inventory on my later arrival home as food was provided for me. i am reminded it is the small, everyday but sometimes overlooked and taken for granted things that bring joy in your journey, but only if you are open to seeing them. i am grateful.


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