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Friday, 12 April 2013


i arrived home last night feeling like i had just got back from a fantastic time away but all i wanted was a nice cup of tea and my own bed. i was home late after a late meeting; i poured a glass of wine and stayed up late. i am a person who enjoys other peoples company but i have a trait inherited from my father that every now and then i need to withdraw to be by myself.  there are a handful of people i can withdraw with and feel like i'm by myself but last night it was alone time. 

i pottered. i listened to the music that had been selected for me for my birthday. i love it when people do this for me. it usually means it is something that they enjoy and they think i will too. my brother did this for me this year opting to buy me two records by the same artist, the second record having only been released last month. james yuill was the artist he selected. i like it. well surely you have to like anyone who releases the record himself stating on his first record he recorded it in his bedroom and using pledgemusic to fund his second.

i also reminded myself of what my niece had written in the card she made for me telling me i was the best auntie in the world and that she loved me telling me the best bit was i was mummy's sister. getting a second wind she wrote on the other side "you are the best and you are always happy and smiley and you are only cross when grandma spoils your fun and you squabble about your money." that's another family trait i've inherited. but if that's the only bad thing she can think of i'll take it, love seeing myself through her eyes. oh to keep seeing with the eyes of a child.


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